What is the format?
  • Qualifiers are limited to 48 bowlers.

  • 6 games total pins.

  • Modified house shot.

  • Scoring is scratch.

  • All lanes are recorded with scoring.
How do I register?
  • Registration is limited to 48 bowlers.

  • We are giving early registration to anyone who bowls the prior qualifier.

  • Links will be sent out for early registration immediately after qualifiers so you are guaranteed entry into the next event.

  • Registration will open to everyone else on the Wednesday after qualifiers.
How do I qualify?
  • 32 bowlers will advance to the championships.

  • 1st and 2nd place in each qualifier advance to the championships. (16 total spots)

  • There is a point system for the other 16 spots to advance to the championships.
Is there a dress code?
  • There is no dress code for qualifiers.

  • There will be a dress code for the championships on May 8th.
I qualified by winning 1st or 2nd place. Why would I continue to bowl the qualifiers?

There are several reasons to keep bowling.

  • PRACTICE FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIPS –  You will get a better understanding of the way the lanes play and how they breakdown. Bowlers who bowl all 8 qualifiers will have an advantage in the championships over bowlers who bowl once or twice.

  • TOTAL POINTS BONUS – The points leader after the first 4 qualifiers and after the next four qualifiers will receive a $500 bonus courtesy of Jones Mortgage Group.  All bowlers are eligible for the bonus.

  • REFUNDS ON ENTRY FEES – Bowl in the top 25% and you get all the side action for free.. We are paying out 1 in 4 at each qualifier. 12 bowlers will get their entry fee refunded (based on full fields of 48 bowlers).

  • SIDE ACTION – Brackets starting the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th game of qualifying as well as high game pots.

  • TOP 8 POT – The top 8 bowlers in the pot compete in single game elimination match play immediately following qualifiers. $1,440 total payout based on 48 entries, pays 8 spots, $30 entry fee.
I missed the first few qualifiers. Am I locked out of qualifying by points?
  • The points field is still open and will change after each qualifier. There will be bowlers who are leading “qualifying by points” that may take first or second place in future qualifiers.  This automatically advances them to the championships and opens up the points field for other bowlers to qualify.

  • The points system is also weighted to allow bowlers who score higher, and have missed a few qualifiers, to advance.
Can I win more than one qualifier?
  • You can bowl as many qualifiers as you like, but you can not win additional spots in the championships.

  • Once you have qualified by position (1st or 2nd place finish), you can continue to bowl for side action and overall point leader money. Your scores will not affect other bowlers ability to qualify.
What is the difference between point leaders and point qualifiers?
  • POINT LEADERS are based on total points regardless of status.

  • POINT LEADERS who have finished in 1st or 2nd place have no affect on POINT QUALIFIERS.

  • POINT QUALIFIERS are bowlers who haven’t finished in 1st or 2nd place but are trying to advance to the championships based on their overall points.

  • There are 16 positions for bowlers to advance to the championships based on points and 16 positions for bowlers to advance based on finishing 1st or 2nd.
Championships details
  • May 8th, 8 am check in, 9 am start.

  • 9 games total pins
    with a top 5 stepladder.

  • We are paying 1 in 2 positions for the championships.

  • Prize fund below is based on 8 full squads of qualifiers.

  • We will be adjusting the prize fund to reflect actual number of entries.


  1. $3,000
  2. $1,500
  3. $1,000
  4. $900
  5. $800
  6. $750
  7. $700
  8. $650
  9. $600
  10. $550
  11. $500
  12. $450
  13. $400
  14. $350
  15. $300
  16. $270