Brian Regan, Founder MSBS

Brian has been running scratch bowling tournaments since the late 90s.  His current and most successful venture started out as the Michigan Scratch Bowling Series, then became Midwest Scratch Bowling Series, and is now in transition to the Scratch Bowling Series.  These events have been running successfully since August 2012.

Brian started running tournaments because he wanted more scratch competition for himself and others, preferably on sport conditions.  There have never been any average divisions or handicap of any sort, and bowlers of all ages are always welcome.  MSBS has added house shot and challenge pattern events over the years, but they still mainly focus on competing on sport conditions.

MSBS runs tournaments in hundreds of centers throughout the Midwest annually and constantly changes patterns from World bowling patterns, USBC patterns, Kegel patterns, Brunswick patterns, patterns created by Brian himself, and any other random patterns found on the internet.  The idea has always been to mix things up as much as possible. 

With as far as MSBS has gone, Brian says there’s a lot more to be accomplished.  Through more collaborations with groups like NBT, the MSBS hopes to do great things for the sport of bowling for decades to come!